We rescue homeless animals from high kill shelters and from the poorest communities in California, where they are often given only 3 days before they are killed. We help animals that are least adoptable by the general public - adult large dogs, medical cases, stigmatized breeds, seniors, mothers with puppies and animals needing additional socialization and training.


We advocate and provide free spaying and neutering for high risk breeds, pets of the homeless and low income households, and in communities without spaying and neutering resources. We are currently working toward bringing spaying and neutering services to San Bernardino, CA, which is the poorest county in the United States, with the City of San Bernardino being the 2nd poorest city in the country, after Detroit.

We are also working toward helping to bring spaying and neutering services to the countless stray cats and dogs in the villages and cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In their post civil war economic crisis and due to the unavailability of resources, the government uses poison and rifle guns as means to exterminate growing numbers of stray animals.